Tuesday, September 23

Good Morning!

Yesterday, we had a great day. I prepared him in the corn crib for the trimmer (Mr. Boso) and played with his feet. Then we had to go inside to finish school before mom went to work. So in the afternoon I rode and Allison (my sister) played with Scout in the round pen. I worked on finding my seat, trotting, sideways and point to point.I filled out the self assessment so I'll post it here in a bit. I really found where our holes are, and what we need to play with a bit more. I was really surprised! We have a lot of little things in Level 3 and 4. Like, crack the whip, helicopter with carrot stick and savvy string in zone 5. I did those a few days ago... For sideways (online) we can sideways over a barrel away and towards, which is Level 4. Just stuff like that! Well I'm going to figure out how to post it here (maybe pdf?) and then I'll ttyl! Wish us luck for when Mr. Boso comes @ 1:30ish!

Savvy inside,
Lea & Eddie
Level 2 students
Future Level 4 Grads
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