Sunday, September 21

Sunny, Savvy, Sunday...

After we got home from church (which was really good, Phil Vischer, the creater of Veggie Tales talked about dreams and stuff) we let the boys out on pasture and then we gave them a bath. Eddie was so dirty! Now we're just letting them have the rest of the day off. They're so soft now!

Ooh! Yesterday evening (around 5) I played with Eddie. Man was that fun! We went through every game.
Friendly: I cracked an old lounging whip. He did awesome with that! And I stood in zone 5 and did the 'helicopter' with the carrot stick and savvy string. He did great with that too!
Porcupine: We backed by the tail a few steps.
Driving: We did a bit of driving from zone 5.
Yoyo: He trotted towards me.
Circling: We did transitions, and change of direction. It was very interesting! He really became a LBE/RBE. It was so funny. He would just stand there, then jump in the air, then he would canter a few laps, then leap into the air like a bunny. I think he was RB, not LBE.... I don't know, I just did a big Yoyo because I didn't want him to jump on top of me. He was calm then, he had a lot of energy!
Sideways: towards, away, and over barrels.
Squeeze: We jumped over a jump and then we were done!
It was so much fun!!!!!!!!!!!

Savvy on!
Lea & Eddie

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