Wednesday, September 24


Didn't I just post on here about having an awesome play session? Well we did! =-D I think it was just an 'off' day for us. Meaning we both got up on the wrong side of the corrals. So we switched. I rode Scout and Al rode Eddie. I'm glad I'm the one training Eddie, my sister's personality and Eddie horsenality clash. Anyway! Because Scout is a RBI, I worked on fluid movements and stuff like that. Keeping his confidence up and his brain engaged and not removed. Then with Eddie (we switched again) we just walked around in the big pasture. There were so many mosquitoes so he was swishing his tail a lot and stomping. The whole time I didn't lose my cool. Then I got off because I wanted to end on a sweet note. So then me and Eddie went back to the dry lot and ate hay. I took kooky pictures of him (will post) and just hung out. A little attitude check was all I needed.
I also realized, we've come so far. One way of a bit of confusion is no biggy. We're still in Level 2. I was trying to be Level 3. Not anymore. Deal with the horse that shows up. Take care of your horsemanship and it will take care of you. as Pat Parelli says. We'll get there. Take the time it takes.

Lea & Eddie

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