Thursday, September 18

Loving Liberty!

Sun! Yay! I love nice weather!

I had another plan today, transitions/change of direction and seeing what he wanted to do. Well I took the 12 foot line off to switch to the 22ft and he left. How interesting! He went into the outdoor and started grazing next to Scout. SO I got him to follow me, we did point to point, sniff this, sideways towards and away. He did amazing!!!!!! very light and responsive! Then I hopped on bareback and bridless and walked around with the carrot stick. We trotted, backed up without reins, and sideways! It was amazing! He did so good today! The more and more I play with him the more he just lets me know what to work on. I'm going to go through the self assessment and see where our holes are and how we can fix them. That should give us something to work on after we get back from Kansas City.

Savvy sessions,
Lea & Eddie

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