Saturday, September 20

We're not in Kansas Toto!

Right now we would be in the Kemper arena..... However; my mom got pretty sick the night before we were going to leave. So she couldn't drive and we didn't end up going to the Kansas City tour stop... But it's ok, we had two GREAT days with the horses and watched movies and ate deep dish pizza.
The sessions:
Friday=we saddled up and did a bunch of mounting tasks. Which went really well! He was great and it was fun to do the mounting tasks we hadn't done for a while.
Saturday (today)= I put the bareback pad on, used the hackamore and rode into the sunset! (not literally) We trotted A LOT and I really got my seat and he was just amazing!
Even though we didn't go to MO, we still had a fantastic weekend!

Savvy staying,
Lea & Eddie

P.S. sorry I missed you Kaite! <3

1 comment:

Katie Oostman said...

It's ok! :D
Sounds like you had ALOT of fun!

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