Wednesday, September 17

Ok, change of plans...

Flexibility! It's pretty important when you have a LBI. I had an idea today, Follow the Rail, 15 minutes, nothing too hard. You know, preparing for our assessment. Eddie had other ideas, like me not riding. Well, I assessed the situation, changed my plan to transitions, walk, stop, back walk, trot, ect. After doing that, all was well! At first when I just gotten on he was ringing his tail and shaking his head, but after a bit of flexibility on my part, he was calm, cool and collected! It was very cool to see that if I remained calm and changed my outlook, things changed for the better. Thanks Pat and Linda Parelli! I couldn't have done it without you!

Lea & Eddie

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Anna said...

Hey Lea! How did you get all the stuff on the side? And the pictures? I am trying to set up mine, but I can't get it to work!!


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