Sunday, April 1

Golly Jeepers

Only 5 blog posts all last month.
Sorry bout that.
It's just been so nice out - warm, mild, everything is blooming and spring is in full swing.
Been playing with Eddie every day, riding every day, working some more on lightness & softness - basically refining everything and building up a strong foundation to start some new things. We'll be doing lots of cantering this spring/summer, just waiting for it to dry out, and we've been working on our flying lead changes over a pole (groundwork). He's getting better and better, because he picks up the right lead now and changes within a few strides if he doesn't.
Well, I'm sorry for the lack of posts, but it seems the more I move away from the computer, facebook, blogger, forums, pinterest, the more I actually get done. Hey, whattaya know?! :-) I started a book that I've been writing in and researching. I finished my final and passed for Applied Equine Podiatry. Next month mom and I go to Florida again and then in August I graduate! Then for a graduation present, mom and I are going to see Buck Brannaman up in Bristol, WI. Stoked for that.
Well, maybe I'll post more this month, but if I don't - at least you will know what I've been doing. :-) I haven't disappeared, I promise!

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