Sunday, March 11

Spring is Here!

Scout in the pine trees during our walk.

There's a warm breeze comin up from the south, and you know what that means??
This past week I've been taking all our horses for walks, riding in the outdoor, enduring this incessant wind, and trimming. Scout needed a bit of a trim since his laminitis and we got x-rays done of his feet too, so I trimmed to those.
Anyway, today this beautiful Sunday, we are addressing the track to get rid of all of the grass for our metabolic ponies, and I'll be playing with them all too.
I've been working on my final for my Applied Equine Podiatry online course and it is pretty challenging. I'm halfway done with it and it is already 6 pages! But today I'll take a break - I've been working on it nonstop and Sunday is a day of rest.
So, here's to more posts in the future. I know, I've been a bad blogger. But sometimes you just need a break to get a new perspective and finish up and attend to the things that really matter.

A blessed Sunday to you all!


Julia Eldh said...

Hi Lea!
I just found your blog and I really enjoy reading about your days with the horses.

Best wishes,
Julia from Sweden

Lea and Eddie said...

Thank you so much, Julia!
I checked out your website and your pictures are really great
Thanks for the comment!

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