Sunday, March 4

In Like a Lion

March comes in like a lion.
We've had quite a bit of snow lately and yet it's still slippery mud underneath. Other than that, it's been a great past couple of weeks. The reason I haven't posted much is because I'm just busy with other things. Sorry for the lack of updates! But I have a final to finish, and horses to play with and ride.
But yeah, all has been great here. Eddie and I have been playing with long reins, riding a little bit and just letting him burn off energy.
Scout is back to his old self. We got him the Easyboot Rx's and they are helping a lot. Just a little extra protection while the ground is hard.
Diesel and I have been going for lots of walks lately and he is very happy for them. Especially when he gets to graze. He is such a cutie bug!

I'll post pictures later - that I can do. ;-) Gotta run! Chores to do!

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