Friday, February 24

Lack of News

Sorry for the lack of posts... I've been taking a break from facebook, blogger, and just taking some time off. It seems I want to post more when I don't force myself and say that I HAVE to post every day.
I've been super busy lately... Playing with Eddie every day, sometimes twice a day, riding, taking Diesel for trail walks, doing chores... It's been so nice to take a break from the computer and internet.
Anyway, I'm back, except for facebook, and I shall be updating ya'll more regularly.
So, here is what Eddie and Diesel and Scout and I have been doing.

With Eddie, we've been working on our side-passes at the walk and trot, and transferring that to riding. Trail riding too! We've been riding around the property more and more and today we rode around the pasture, which we haven't done for a while. He did so amazing! I love him so much and he just does better and better every day!
With Scout, my sister and I have been taking him for walks twice a day. His feet are looking amazing, the vet is coming out soon to take x-rays, and he is as happy and spunky as ever. I've been taking him for walks around the property and he will snatch a bite from pines trees and patches of grass. He is so silly! :-)
With Diesel, we've been going for trail walks and he has been so eager for them! We go across the road, and a couple of days ago we were out for over a half an hour walking down to the creek. We didn't get all the way there, but it was more than half way!

It's been such a crazy, busy, past couple of weeks, but here's to a more easy-going end of February!

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