Wednesday, February 1

The Release

"It's the release that teaches."
Is a common quote amongst horsemen. It summarizes that vital moment in communication when you let the horse know what he did was right.
I've been working on that lately, because I have gotten vague in my direct communication with Eddie. I admit it, I've gotten a little bit rusty. Either that or I have nothing to compare or measure my capability with, unlike when I had Parelli to measure every nuance of my communication.
I'm listening to the horse now... And Eddie is a professor compared to a kindergarten teacher. He tells me EXACTLY when I'm doing something wrong or when he doesn't want to do something or when I am asking something wrong or with too much pressure. He is the horse. He is setting the standard high and I am climbing to that height.
It's the release that teaches.
Ride with 10% physical and 90% mental. - Buck Brannaman
I'm determined to get that right and release the exact moment he tries.
Lately, Eddie hasn't been wanting to follow me when we go from outdoor to track to paddock. But I don't blame him because the footing is terrible everywhere. Instead, he meets me at the gate. Eager, verses dragging his feet... I think I'm starting to get this. He knows where the good footing is. Or where the good grass is... lol! Anyway, when I do ask him to come up with me, I'm using small amounts of pressure and the moments he leans forward or I see a shift, I release. Even better.... Fix the cause.... Not the symptoms. That's what I'm taught to do in Equine Podiatry. Why not with horsemanship? So... My homework: Learn what causes Eddie's reluctance to move and create harmony between us so that he doesn't get left behind me.

Harmony - That should be my next blog post! ;-)

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