Thursday, December 15


Those are the three letters that do not go well together. Especially when a certain someone really wants to ride and play with her horse.
It's been rainy, windy, cloudy, chilly and wet outside and the that's the horses' least favorite weather.

So we've only been able to do small things like go for walks, go out for a graze together, or just trim and groom them up.
Oh yes! That's something I can blog about! Trimmmmmmmmmmmmmming!
I did Eddie's feet two days ago and Scout's three days ago. They are all looking great! Their feet are getting soft, but hey, a horse's hoof is the product of his environment. Can you say WET?! It's been so wet out, so that's why their feet are all soft. And my sister and mom have been helping me practice for my exam. :-) What would I do without my family? <3
But yeah... My exam's in August and I have plenty of time to practice for it.

Hoping for a sunny tomorrow,
~Lea & Eddie~

Philippians 4:13
I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

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