Saturday, December 10

The End of a Chapter

I'm sorry for the short notice, but blogger had a surprise for me yesterday. I guess I can't upload any more pictures because I have maxed out my album limit.
Now they want to charge me for extra room on my album. And what fun is a blog without pictures?!

Farewell and adieu to this wonderful blog that has chronicled every step of this amazing four-year journey.
In September of 2007, when I started it, we had gotten Eddie 5 months before and were doing Parelli. We were having a blast and we were all learning so much.
Then in July 2008, Scout came home and changed our lives. Eddie grew more confident with a buddy and I took him on as my horse. (Previously my sister and I had been sharing playing and riding him.)
In April 2009, Diesel came home and everything that he had gone through in the past was forgotten as he started a new life with us.
It was then, in July 2010 that we disembarked on another leg of our journey. I gave up the high-level dreams I had conjured with Parelli and let go of our hollow goals. I realized that we could have an even deeper relationship that Parelli would not give us. We went past the 'advanced 7 games' and started working on what we hadn't accomplished - our riding.

It has been such an amazing journey and now that we're sailing into a different path, I think it fitting to start another blog and website.
I hope that you all follow me over to my new blog (which will be set up in the next couple of days) and continue to read about the lessons that I learn from our friend, the horse.

For the last time on blogger,
~Lea & Eddie & Scout & Diesel~

Ecclesiastes 3:1,6
To everything there is a season,
     A time for every purpose under heaven: 

A time to gain,
And a time to lose;
A time to keep,
And a time to throw away;


Lauren said...

Hey Lea, you can just host your pictures on a third party site such as :) It's free and SUPER simple to use :) If you need some help I can walk you through it :)


Lea and Eddie said...

A third party site, like photobucket?
That's so funny that I didn't even think of that! lol! So how do you get set up with image shack?

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