Thursday, October 27

Lotsa Cows

I have had an epic realization lately and I haven't really blogged about it at all. Yet.
You see, Eddie likes to be the herd leader. He liked to literally herd the ponies. He just did it today when we brought them in off of pasture. He runs behind Scout or Diesel and chases them/moves them to where he wants them to go. Also, he did it yesterday. I was inside, but mom said that he herded Scout into his own paddock and kept him there.
He knows this stuff. He gets it and does it naturally.
So, why not encourage it? I've been teaching him some cutting moves on the ground. Just basic things like rollbacks, fast back and forth movements and such. But hey, he can do it so much better without me teaching him! He just does it!
I'm really hoping that in a few years Eddie and I can go to a Buck Brannaman clinic. My mom and I really like his stuff and we're keeping each other grounded. We're not going to put Buck on a pedestal like what we did with Parelli. There are other great horsemen out there and I would just as soon go to a Mark Rashid clinic too. Only Buck has cows. Lotsa cows!

In order to go to one of his clinics though I need:
1. Money (lol!)
2. A Trailer
3. Eddie to be able to go alone and be ok with that
4. Prepare for it by going to a Martin Black clinic or going to the forest preserve a bunch of times.

And I know this isn't going to happen overnight. Heck, it's probably not going to happen for a few years. But God knows and I'm just trusting that some day Ed and I will be able to go to one. It's my new dream. :-)

A friend said on my facebook:
Once the horse knows to hook on to the cow, all you do is hang on and don't take you eyes off the cow!
Very cool.
I suggest that you all go to amazon and buy Buck's documentary. I've watched it twice and could watch it over and over again!

hehe, I also have to get myself a ropin' rope!

~Lea & Eddie~

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