Saturday, July 2

...And Summer's Here

Temperatures in the upper 90's, humid, slight breeze... Yup, it's summer.

I took a day off with the horses yesterday because it was hot and we were so busy. My mom and sister went shopping and I was home alone. Naturally something eventful happened...
Quack, quack!
8 little ducklings were huddled together in the round pen. I gathered 6 of the up (2 ran off) and mom and I took them down to a wildlife rescue. According to the gal at the rescue, they had just hatched and according to dad, he saw a dead mallard duck on the road, on the way to work.
Poor little dears! So, I saved more than half of them and I feel really bad about the other 2, but hopefully they'll show up today.

Then, we picked up my friend and she came over for a while!! It was really fun and even though it was so hot, we just hung out with the horses and hosed them off.
After a few hours, we packed up and headed to Barrington, IL to see Buck the film!
It was so amazing and I really, really liked it. The film was well done and the more and more I see of Buck and Mark, the more and more I want to learn. They are so humble. They're so quiet, and truly understand horses. Buck is coming to Karmik Acres in September 2012, so I'm really looking forward to that!! It will be phenomenal!

Today's another hot one, so we're keeping the horses cool, going swimming and just doin chores. Oh yes, and I'm also looking for a nice outback hat to buy! :-)

~Lea & Eddie~

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