Tuesday, June 28

Really Excited

Today was the sort of day when you just want to be outside ALL DAY LONG!
So... That's what I did!
At 9am I trimmed Eddie and his feet are looking superb. That made me really excited to start trimming more horses for a job. I already have 14 horses waiting until August when I take my next hoof trimming class. Which is KC's course and then I'm going to take another hands-on class by Ida Hammer. Hopefully over winter I can also do KC's online course. So, I'm very excited about those things!

Anyway, at noon, Eddie and I went out to play.
He was SO sleepy! We played out in the pasture and did a few small things until he woke up. Then, we jumped lots of things, did a weave, cantered together all over the pasture and I let him graze some too. I got LOTS of pictures, so I'll have a picture post coming up after this one.
We went into the outdoor from the pasture and we rode in there for a long time. We trotted a lot, worked on some sidepasses and he was a little goofy/clumsy, so I was trying to get him to pay attention to where his feet were. I think if I had some poles set up in the outdoor it would have helped, but he was so tired I didn't want to ride too long. Believe it or not, we ended up riding for 40 minutes and ended on an amazing note! I tried to put a few things I learned from Buck Brannaman's book, Believe, into practice. Like using a little less than what you think it would take to get it done. I'm really excited to start being more light with Eddie. He can feel a fly land on him, but won't respond to a little pick up of the reins. I know it's me, I just have to become more aware of the braces I hold in my body or the cues that I unintentionally give him.
:-) Yay, something new to work on!

Next, I played with Diesel in the outdoor!
He was rather tired too, so we didn't do too much. We trotted around together, stood on the pedestal went through a narrow space and he took a little lap at the trot. He is such a good boy and he was so confident, he even bit my finger! lol! Even though it was unintentional. :-) It was still funny!

Scout and I went for one of our fun liberty walks! He wasn't so keen on the walking part. More on the "Hey, there's grass over there!" part. We trotted together and then I let him rip and run into the pasture. I could just imagine him going, "YIPPEE! YAHOO!!" as he cantered into the lush, green, grass of the pasture. We did some weave out in the pasture together, stood on the pedestal and took a few laps at the walk and trot. He was just so excited to be out there, I let him have room to move around and take big mouthfuls of the nom noms.

So, it was a WONDERFUL day and I can't wait for tomorrow. Looks like it's going to be just as nice - if not nicer! hehe, is that even a word? Ah well...
Hope that ya'll are having a great week!

~Lea & Eddie & Scout & Diesel~

Ecclesiastes 3:1
To everything there is a season,
      A time for every purpose under heaven:

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