Monday, June 20

A Full Day of Play

Today was cloudy, cool and there was a slight breeze. Perfect weather to play with the horses! Even though it rained a little bit this morning, the ground is still very dry. After the rain was done, Eddie and I went in the pasture and rode in there. I just hopped on, didn't expect much and we ended up progressing a lot with subtle cues! First, I just focused on not using more pressure than was necessary with the reins, but then I focused on not using any pressure at all. Instead I started to guide him with my legs - something I didn't really pay much attention to. And let me tell you, he responded to the cues so well! If I wanted to turn left, I would put a little pressure on his girth on his right, and just slightly move my left rein. He turned so smoothly! Then, if I wanted him to use his hindquarters more in the turn, I would use a little left rein and put my left leg back so as to disengage his hindquarters. It wasn't super technical, but we haven't practiced it for a while so it made things fun for both of us!
We did some more of our cantering and trotting in the pasture which he didn't really want to do because he was a little sleepy and it was buggy. (those darn bugs!) So, instead we went for a walk in the track where it was still buggy, so we ran into the paddocks. :-)

Next was Diesel! I played with him in the outdoor and we trotted around, mirrored each other, and we even started a little weave. He didn't really get it at first, but we practiced it a little bit and then he was interested and was following me through it. I should get a video next time, he is so cute when he does it because the barrels are taller than him! Poor Diesel baby! We ran around in the track too and he was happy to kick up his heels and run and play!

I played with Scout-er next! We did some weave in the outdoor - since it was set up - we stood on the pedestal, and then we went for a liberty walk! He LOVES those! We'll just walk together in the track and he gets a few bites of grass, then we trot a little bit and on the 'home stretch' we race each other! He always wins, but he waited for me and then we ran back into the outdoor together. <3 We have so much fun together!

It was a full day of play, but I also trimmed up Scout since he grew quite a bit from when I last trimmed him. Next is Eddie again. They grow so much more in the summer, if I don't do an aggressive enough trim, I have to do it again in 2-3 weeks! Anyway, it gives me more experience and it's better if I do it more often. That way I don't lose those back muscles that I need so much. ;-) hehe!

Hope that you all had a great Monday!

~Lea & Eddie & Scout & Diesel~

Mark 8:36
For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul?

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