Thursday, March 31

Things We Have Been Doing

Well, it has been so nice out lately!! So, here are some things that Eddie, Scout, Diesel and I have been doing.

Eddie and I have been riding more and more and playing with our collection. See this post about collection. With the sunny, warm weather we've been doing a lot more and with our riding we've been playing with our trotting, jumping, and 180's. He's gotten a lot lighter with those, now that we've been doing it more often. We've gone for walks, played at liberty in the pasture - which has been awesome! He never leaves me anymore when we play at liberty in there. So, that's exciting! He is such a good boy and just loves to play. Every day, we've done at least three big play sessions together - riding, playing and strolling around the property together. It's really fun!

Scout and I have been riding less and less, but it's for him. Because his back is getting a little more swayed and he doesn't need the extra weight. But, we have been playing on the ground a lot! Mostly with cavaletties, small jumps and cantering together. We've also been going for walks and like Eddie, we play one to two times a day. He's very happy for the play time and we have even gone around the entire property the last couple of days. Now THAT he loves! Green grass, he gets to trot, get a lot of drift on the line and explore. I think he would be an awesome trail-walk pony! Maybe someday when we get a trailer!

Diesel and I have been doing lots of (little) things too. Hehe, like the 'big boys' we've been going for walk, and I even took him out to the pasture and played with him the other day. We trotted over the cavaletties together (which is so cute!) He picks his little feet up so high! And we stood on the pedestal too. Diesel put all four feet on it, what a darling!!

Overall, SPRING IS HERE! And it was probably warm enough (out of the wind) to wear a t-shirt. Hello spring, goodbye winter. I hope this summer is as nice as the summer of 2009! Cool, clear, mild, and sunny! Look at that sky! Talk about blue!

~Lea & Eddie & Scout & Diesel~

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