Saturday, March 19


Double the fun! I played with Eddie and Scout together today. They were really playful, so first we went for a walk around the track. It was somewhat hard to keep them both organized but we had a lot of fun and managed to go for a whole lap together. I think Eddie liked having a buddy! :-)
Next, I played with them both in the pasture. They did really well! I also switched to longer lines so we could have more room. We all went over the cavaletties together, did a few big circles and then they grazed for a little bit. After that, we all went into the outdoor and we played at liberty in there for a while. Scout stood so close to me so that Eddie wouldn't chase him, but I did send them around for a few laps to get some of their energy out. It was very fun, and Eddie and I did some fun engagement things. I would hop back ad forth, down low to the ground and he would arch his neck and flail his front feet. It was so cool and they loved to play together!
To top it all off, I rode Scout for a little bit and even Eddie for a little while too!
They are such good boys and I think they like to do things together! :-) Well... At least Eddie does!

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