Saturday, March 12

An Amazing Ride!

Today's weather brought to you by Lea: Windy - Cloudy - Chilly - BORING!
So, I didn't play with Eddie today, but I did play with him yesterday! Here is what we did!
We played in the pasture first and he was really really awesome. Did some neck rope stuff, jumped over things, did some cavaletties, went for a long walk and then finished by doing some fun collection things. We're still working on it, and we're doing a little at a time. I know it will take a while to where we can do it together well.
Then, we went into the outdoor and we had a lot of fun out there! I hopped on him with a western saddle pad (just for fun) and we trotted around, and we started to play with some fun 180's. He really got the hang of them, and we practiced some of our backing up. He seems to not want to do that lately, but he's gotten a lot better at it. :-) He's such a good boy!
Oh, and I also played with Scouty too! We cantered around together in the pasture and rode around out there for a while. He was really happy to run around and burn off some energy!
What a happy herd (or trio) we have!! :-)

~Lea & Eddie & Scout~

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