Monday, February 28

Exploring New Things!

Well, today it was beautiful out! It was sunny, no wind and a perfect spring day!
So, you can guess what I was doing! Trimming? No... Doing school? well, yes... Playing with the horses? Definite yes!
I played with Eddie today, and I was going to play with Scout too, but they got enough exercise by playing Seabiscuit. But I'll explain that in a moment.
First, I read some more KFH's book and it made me want to try some new things. Aka, a neck rope.
I've tried it before, and I didn't really stick with it, because Eddie didn't do well with it. But today I was like, hey! why not? So I knotted a metal loop to my new rope I got two days ago. (can't beat farm & fleet's lunging ropes! ;-) hehe!) Anyway, I tied the ring on that and then clipped the metal clip onto it, so it made a big loop to go over his neck. Off to the pasture we went! He did awesome with it!! We jumped over things, trotted together in unison, did some fast figure eights and then finished by walking together to the pedestal. Now, granted he did leave once and I had to let go, but the good thing about it, was that I could let it go! He could go and leave if he wanted to! Now, to some equestrians that may seem backwards, but not to me! I want Eddie to prefer being with me than with the other horses. How can he prefer being with me, if he can't leave? So, a neck rope is a good middle of the road tool. It offers communication and freedom at the same time. It gives the horse his head and you have direct connection to his strongest part, his neck! Where do the harnesses for driving go? Around the neck! So, the horse is empowered, freed and there is a choice. Personally, the neck rope is my new favorite thing!
After about 20 minutes of introducing that, we went back to halter leading just so we could finish up. I think the new thing got him thinking and it sure got me thinking too!
:-) So, if you are ever stuck for an idea, try the neck rope! It will give you and your horse both something to think about!

~Lea & Eddie~

2 Timothy 1:7
For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.

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