Saturday, January 15

January 14th.

Today, we had a ton of fun in the snow!!
First, I played with Eddie out in the pasture while Al played with Scout too. We jumped over logs, I hopped on for a little bit, we did some turn'n'burn games, where we would back up next to each other, then I would run behind him, letting the rope slid through my hand. So, he would spin on his haunches, roll back, and then face me. It was really fun, and he was really enjoying himself!! They've been so playful!!!

Then, we hooked up Scout and Allison led him while I skied behind him! :-) It was so much fun!! We trotted, walked around, I got better with my turning, and Scout did so well. He is such a good boy!!!
Al and I switched then, and I led him while she skied. I think he was done by then, because he did a little buck (nothing huge) lol! But it was ok, we walked a little bit more and called it quits there. He was very willing!

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