Wednesday, December 1

Trimmin' & Walkin'

It snowed today! Yippee!!

So this morning, while it snowed, the horses were in and out randomly, but they were enjoying the snowflakes! :-) Why is it that horses look SO beautiful when there is snow? I don't know, it must just be their winter coats. hehe!

Anyway, I did school this morning, and then trimmed Eddie this afternoon. His feet were long, and the ground was very hard, so I was eager to trim them so that nothing would chip off. They are looking great, and I'm so happy that I'm doing them now. It's so much fun! :-)

 Then later this afternoon, around 4, dad, Allison and I took all three of the boys for a walk around the track! It was cold, but we had fun!
We went in the pasture after that and I hopped on Eddie and let him graze for a little bit. It was really nice to spend time with all the ponies!

So, here's to SNOW and the coming winter! I think it's going to be a great one!

Lea & Eddie & Scout & Diesel

1 comment:

Kate said...

A horse with snow frosting - how beautiful!

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