Monday, December 20

Snow Day!

Yesterday was so much fun!
Bec came out and played with Eddie and Scout and I, we had a ton of fun! First we all played out in the pasture and just had fun with our boys. Then, we hopped on for a little bit. Eddie and I trotted to a barrel, and then I had to 'abandon ship' because he left the barrel at a trot, and was very eager to go into a canter. But hey, at least I stayed on for the most part and left by my own choice. lol!!! 
Bec and Scout trotted around, then ran around at liberty too. I took lots and lots of pictures!

Then, we went skijoring!  Eddie pulled Rebecca and I led him. He did so well! We did a whole lap around the pasture and she didn't fall once! Way to go!! :-)

Needless to say, I was very proud of Eddie, he was quite the gentleman!

Once we were done playing with
 our horses, we went down to Rebecca's barn and played with Savannah and Jigs!

It was really fun! We brought them into the barn, groomed them up, and then Rebecca rode Savy in the grass pasture, while I grazed Jigs. He had done so well picking up his feet, that I just wanted to reward him for it.
After that, I put Jigs back into his paddock, because it was getting close to feeding time, and Rebecca and I went into the indoor. It was very cold out!
 We finished up by playing with Savannah, taking lots of fun pictures, and just hanging out.

It was a super fun play day!! :-)

~Lea & Eddie & Rebecca &Scout & Diesel & Savannah & Jigs~

Hebrews 11:1
Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

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