Thursday, December 23

Snow Day = Play Day!

Eddie was very, very sleepy today! ;-) So we went for a nice, slow walk, through the orchard and over by the 'sink hole.' Which is where the puddles were in the summer. hehe, which is why it's a sink hole. lol!

Anyway, we went there and back again, into the round pen. I just let him graze and I hopped on for a little bit. It was really nice out, while the sun was out, but unfortunately it went away. But that's ok! The horses are just sleeping anyway!

 So, we went for our walk, hung out in the round pen, rode for a little bit, and that just about sums it up! lol!
Going out to do chores in a little bit...

Can ya tell I'm fishin for somethin to write about?!
Oh, I know!

 I was thinking yesterday about what I truly aim for with the horses. But, that actually got me thinking about what others aim for with their horses. It seems like (from videos I watch on Youtube) that the common goal is to be able to do anything with your horse. Whether it's riding up a mountain, or just being able to halter your horse. Our goals are to do them with ease. But would horses really want that? Moreover, would you really want someone that you've known for a long time, to be able to do anything with you. Go on a rollercoaster, conquer a huge fear, or something like that? Horses are guarded for a reason, as are humans. So instead of having your horse do anything for you. You do anything for your horse. Take a long time to sort through a problem, do something that you normally wouldn't do, like be extra patient. That's when horses really open up themselves, because they know that you can be trusted, and won't push you over their comfort zones.

~Lea & Eddie~
Psalm 9:10
And those who know Your name will put their trust in You;
         For You, LORD, have not forsaken those who seek You.

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Kate said...

Very nice thoughts - I think if we just treated our horses the way we would want to be treated, particularly if the horse is confused or struggling with something, that things would mostly come out right.

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