Sunday, December 5

Riding in the snow!!

The past two days, have been great!! It snowed on Friday, and it's been so nice out!
So we've been riding a lot, and enjoying the snow!
 Then, today we rode in the pasture and outdoor and we trotted for a nice long time!!! YAY! I was also able to sit it very easily, which is pretty huge for us.
See, his trot is ginormous. And his 'super' extended trot is just that, super. Very long, and very pretty! And since I only ride bareback, no bareback pad or anything, it can be hard to sit. But, I was just determined to get it today and I did! Yay! I was so excited! Also, the snow helps, so he has to slow down a little bit.
What a good boy! I love my Eddie!
 Here we are playing out in the pasture. It was snowing, and it was so pretty!
 Aww! My beautiful Eddie boy, when we were riding yesterday! <3
 haha!! That's Eddie's favorite position. Licking his lips, and looking silly! My sister, Allison is riding Scout. Click here to go to her blog!

 I love my Eddie boy! Man, he sure looks tall! 15.3 hands, but he sometimes looks like 17 hands! lol!
Another picture! <3 Look at that face!

~Lea & Eddie~

P.S. Hopefully we can go skiing tomorrow with the horses. I'll be sure to have pictures and videos!

John 1:10
He was in the world, and the world was made through Him, and the world did not know Him. 


Kate said...

Eddie is very cute (and so is Scout - so petite!)!

Lea and Eddie said...

Thanks! Don't you just love riding in the snow?

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