Tuesday, November 16

Riding, trimming and playing!

What a wonderful day!
I did school this morning, then once that was done, it was time to play with ponies!
So, first I trimmed Scout and he was excellent! His feet are doing great especially considering he's foundered in the past. I'm learning more and more every day from natural hoof care professionals!
Then, I played with Eddie in the outdoor at liberty. We trotted around for a nice long time and played with some transitions. Which I think really helped once I hopped on! I got some new reins for my sidepull and they are really nice! A little short (8 ft) but they are really light and I think he enjoys that they aren't heavy.
After we played on the ground for a while, I hopped on and just rode around. We touched lots of barrels, stood on the pedestal and I asked him trot.... ;-) lol! He didn't really want to! But that's ok! ;-) Maybe tomorrow he will!
Jane Savoie had a really good newsletter today about sitting the trot. I'll post it after this post, because it was really good! Especially for bareback riding, which is all I do!

Lea & Eddie & Scout

Psalm 119:18
Open my eyes that I may see wonderful things in your law

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