Wednesday, November 3

A Beautiful Day!

Today was an awesome day!
First, this morning I played with Eddie and Scout in the outdoor at liberty. They were great and very very happy to play and run around together. They all got lots of exercise! ;-) I rode Eddie after that, (he was very frisky!) So we trotted around and went to different things and stood on the pedestal.
He did really good, and even though he was hyper, he was still listening to me! Yay! (haha!)
Here are some pictures:

Then this afternoon, I played with Diesel and Scout in the outdoor together. They ran around, went to the pedestal a few times and then I hopped on Scout! We trotted around some more, and just had some fun! He was so light and very happy to play!
More pics!


Anonymous said...

Lots of nice pictures and it all looks like good fun!

Lea and Eddie said...

Thanks! :) It was a lot of fun!!

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