Tuesday, October 5

A Little Bit of Everything!

Yesterday was a really fun day!
It was sunny and chilly, and the horses were really feeling the cool weather!
So first I played with Scout, and he was awesome! We went in the outdoor and did some liberty stuff. We did some sidepasses at the trot, chase me game, we played with the pedestal and did some spanish walk! He is doing so well! Especially since my sister accidentally shocked him just with her hand, and he's been weary every since. :-( But now he's much better and as happy as could be! I got on and rode after that and he was such a sweetie. We rarely find the need for a halter now, so we were just bareback and reinless. We trotted around in the outdoor, went to some different points and worked with our focus, touch, voice. We went in the pasture after that, trotted around and just had some fun!

After that Eddie and I played in the pasture for a while and he was such a gentleman! We got some exercise by running around together, then he offered to jump a ton of things! We did some sidepasses, cavaletties, spanish walk and then I hopped on!
Lately we've been doing a lot of reinless stuff and he's doing so well with it! He's really listening and eager to do what I ask. But today we just used the rope for reins and he was so good. I really used focus, touch, voice and he caught on really quickly to that! It's so interesting to see how quick things can switch from the Parelli Phases, to a softer way to ask. Like when I wanted him to go somewhere while I was riding, I would first look and focus really hard. Some times he went just with my focus, other times he didn't so I would touch. Usually that would be either my rein, my leg or my hands. Then lastly I would just talk to him. With either a cluck, spoken words like, "Go over there Eddie," or "Barrel," and he would get it in no time! Yippeee!!! :-) I think it's so interesting how we can use our words way too much, and our horse just drowns it out. Our voice can be a whole other cue! :-)

Anyway, that was my wow moment yesterday!

Hopefully today will be just as fun as yesterday! :)

~Lea & Eddie~

Romans 12:2
And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.


Taylor Elizabeth McMurray said...

I think we can all learn a little bit from you ;). You sound very talented :). You wan to know something funny? I never really thought about, but, due to my hunter jumper/stadium jumper/autistic children trainer training I tend to use those phases a lot! But, I like how you laid it out... It makes more sense to my little brain now :). Now that I KNOW what I'm doing/not doing I can improve upon it :). Yay!


Lea and Eddie said...

Aw, thanks so much Lauren! <3
Yeah, it's really interesting that once you hear something, then it clicks that it's what you've been doing all along, but have never had it explained. That's happened to me a lot with all these Natural horsemanship books. I'm glad that I could help ya out! :)

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