Sunday, July 25

Water, Water Everywhere!

Today Eddie, Scout, Allison and I had a TON of fun in our big puddle!
It rained 8 inches last night, so everything was very wet, (including a stream in their paddocks) and therefore, it left a huge puddle. So we took the horses down there and played for a long time! I got soaked and we just had a blast! I even hopped on for a few seconds and we splashed in the water, Eddie laid down in it, and so did Scout! It was just so much fun! I think, if Eddie had a pond, then he would just live in it! lol!

So we had a lot of fun, and I made a video!
The pond is starting to dry up, but we took the horses down there again this afternoon and they pawed in it some more and Eddie made a few muddy messes. ;)
What silly ponies!

~Lea & Eddie~

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Gina said...

That looks really fun! I hope the electric fence was off! haha. Have fun and stay savvy!

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