Monday, July 5

Student of the Horse

Today Eddie taught me a lot!
We played in the round pen and I groomed him up while he grazed. He was so good, and was really patient when I had to pick out his tootsies and pick them out. I trimmed them up two days ago, and they are looking really good! His mustang roll is looking fabulous!
So we went into the bubble after that and did some circles and just played with some yields. Then I let him decided where to play. And he picked the outdoor! So I followed and we played at liberty in there.
I was also really aware of how I used my phases. Which was really hard, but it really helped!
We also did some side-passes, and just some fun things that he likes to do. We ended on a really good note, and then we ran inside, which was fun!

Yesterday we also played with our extended trot and canter (while I was on the ground.) It was so much fun, and he was having a blast! :-)

I love it when you see their expression and it is just one of PURE JOY! :-)

~Lea & Eddie~

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