Monday, July 5

Hard Decisions

Today it was really hot & humid out, so I just groomed Eddie up and hung out with him. It is supposed to be quite warm out for the rest of today and tomorrow.
But anyway!
I just wanted to post about something that's been on my heart lately. (this is my first post like this, so bear with me.) ;-)
Recently my mom and I have had some decisions. And let me tell you, they were hard. This post isn't going to be about the decisions, it's going to be about the thoughts behind the decisions.

I think that God puts us through these hard times to mold us and form us. After all, (from a Christian standpoint) it's not about the horses that we help, it is truly about the people that we touch. I don't know if horses are eternal, but they most likely are not. However, humans have the capability to, if we surrender our lives to God and live by His ways. When God-serving and honoring people go to Heaven, it's not going to be like a Hall-Of-Fame. It's not going to matter what non-eternal things we accomplished. However, what is going to matter, is how many people we touched. That's something huge that I needed to realize. Because horses are animals, I believe that they are here to teach us things like patience and trust and many others.
Anyway, it's not about the program that we follow, it's not even really about the horses. It's about the people we touch. And how we influence their lives to serve our Savior Jesus Christ.

We all want what is best for our horses, and what makes them happy and confident. :-)

I hope that made sense...
Anways, I hope that you all had a great Fourth of July!

~Lea & Eddie~

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