Saturday, July 10


Well (I start my posts with that a lot, don't ya think?!) Today I took Eddie for a little walk, let him graze and kept an eye on him. He is much better, and I would say, almost back to normal!!! Which is great, and I just hope that he doesn't have to have it pulled on Tuesday. Fingers crossed, head bowed and hands folded! :-)
Anyway, I sat with Diesel as he slept and laid down, and then I took Scout for a little walk today too! I think I'm getting used to the hot weather, because it was pretty hot today! ;-)
So, without much to talk about what happened today... I thought I would bring up a fun topic that I love!


I am fascinated by them!! Truly fascinated!!!
I love their ligaments, digtal cushions, sole plans and frogs! hehe!!
So, needless to say, that's one reason why I decided to take Kc La Pierre's 5-Day course in August. And I am so excited about it!!
Anyway, I have been trimming Diesel and keeping Eddie's feet rounded off and keeping him from chipping in between trims. They are looking great! I very pleased with how they look!
I like trimming so much, that I took this hoof diagram and trimmed it up because the two was long. ;-) hehe!

Here is Eddie's foot int he summer of 2008

And here is Eddie's foot in the winter of 2009. Look at how healthy his wall is!!! And his frogs!! WOOHOO!!!

I'm also learning so much from different horse forums, and they all have a hoofcare section. So it's interesting to see people trimming well, and not so well. It's very good discernment!

Anyway, I better stop before I go on and on, and make you all confused!

~Lea & Eddie~

Philippians 1:6
being confident of this very thing, that He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ;

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