Friday, July 9

The Big Three

...things that happened today.

~Eddie got into 'trouble' again
~Mark Weiler (big corporate head in Parelli) called
~ I learned something amazing from Kathleen Lindley's book. 

Ok, so first things first! Eddie was eating out of his bucket today, eating his Dehy to be exact, and then a piece of tooth fell out of him mouth. WHAT?! I picked it up and it was about the size of a penny. That explains why he was iffy yesterday. So I watched to see if he was eating, and he still was. And he ate the rest of his grain, and has been fine every since. But we're still keeping an eye on it, and a vet is coming out on Tuesday to take a look at him. Hopefully it won't be too serious.

Ok, next thing! My mom sent a letter to Pat, Linda, and Mark and told them why we were unhappy with Parelli, and he called us! So my mom just explained why we left and they talked for about a half an hour. He also said that Pat or Linda may call, but if they don't then he will call back. Wow! But we're still looking at other horsemen and I'm learning so much! A new learning curve for me, because now that we stepped out of the box, it's just excelled my learning so much!

Ok, last point! :-) I am absolutely LOVING this book! It's called In the Company of Horses by Kathleen Lindley. The chapter I read today, Mean Well was really good. Well, all of the chapter have been really good! She talked about helping horses. Helping? Yup, helping! When you think that you 'help' a horse, they may see it as help, but they may see it as 'ok, but I'm going to do it my way.' So things that we think 'help' a horse, may or may not help them. Something that may help one more, may not help another.
So that relates to what things I've been thinking about with Eddie.

It's a halter thing. This is usually how his lateral flexion looks like when in a parelli halter:

But that's on a bad day. Here is what it looks like with 'no string attached' literally:

That's on his own, and how we do it bridleless. So I'm going to try something different:

It's called a sidepull, and it does what it's called. Turning the nose, not twisting the nose.

So we will see if that helps or not! I am truly enjoying thinking out of the box! Because, after all, that's what horses do!! :-)

~Lea & Eddie~

Ephesians 3:20-21
Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, 21to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen.


muddleglum said...

Want a laugh?

I got to your blog a number of days ago by hitting the "next blog" button. I don't know people well - I cannot hear - and am using this as method of learning about people. This blog, I thought, as I scanned it quickly, looked interesting for variety - being about horses by a man named Eddie and his wife. I followed y'all, though the references about Eddie seemed to be rather odd.

Laughing yet?

Notion now disabused.

Eden said...

About a year ago I began to look into other horsemen because I too was unhappy with Parelli. I had become sooo devoted to their program, I had to have all their products right when they came out, and I wasn't capable of really relying on my own horse knowledge but rather had to question and look up every single problem I had.

Harry Whitney changed that for me. I went to a week long camp with him a year ago and his views on horses and horsemanship made so much sense and all those horses were really ok inside when we finished. I would really encourage you to check him out.
He is a really great horseman, and I have learned so much from him. I write about him a lot on my blog and he is my main influence in my horsemanship.

Along with him, however, I have also discovered many other great horsemen whose underlying principles are pretty similar. One of my favorites: Kathleen Lindley.

I have read her boooks, met her, and had two lessons with her. I am hopefully going to SC this winter to spend a week with her, and I truly love everything she believes and teaches regarding horsemanship.

There are gaps in the Parelli system. I do like it still and there are a lot of good things in it, and it was a really great "kindergarden" and introduction to Natural Horsemanship for me. But, it was time for me to move on to learn from other masters, and I am really proud that you are open to other influences and teachers, because there is still a lot to learn!

Anyways, just letting you know it was exciting to read your post and here that another teenage girl is open to stepping outside the box with her horsemanship. You and Eddie are doing great. Keep up the good work :)


P.S. Side pulls are sent from heaven. I love them and they really helped my pony stay focused and with me and give him much more direction than the Parelli hackamore.

Lea and Eddie said...

Oh my goodness, It's so nice to meet you, Eden! Thank you so much for writing on my blog!
That's so cool that you mentioned Harry Whitney and Kathleen Lindley! Because I've been reading In the Company of Horses, and been looking at Harry Whitney's site. They are both awesome! Also, Mark Rashid is great, and so is Ga Wa Ni Pony Boy.
Oh, it's just so nice to meet you, and know someone who is doing the same thing that my mom and I are doing!
:) Hope to keep up with you on your blog! It looks like you and Woody are having a lot of fun together!!

Eden said...

It's nice to meet you too! :)
Yeah Harry Whitney is amazing. Like uber amazing. Haha, and I can't want to work with Kathleen more. And a lot of my Harry friends love Mark, too, and I've read towo of his books but I haven't gotten the chance to meet him yet. Hopefully soon though!

My email is
Where are you located? Where do you live? We're in Roanoke, VA. My mom and I are big into horses, in case you couldn't tell by my blog ;)

I will definitely be reading your blog and keeping up with you and Eddie! I'm so glad that I got to talk to you. Email me back, so we don't have to keep communicating through a comment. Haha :)

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