Sunday, May 2

Eddie & Scout Play Time!

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Anyways, I had a blast with the horses today!!

First Scout and I went for a walk, because Eddie was sound asleep, and I didn't want to wake him up. So we went for a walk all the way around the outside of the pasture. Which we haven't done since.... Winter. So Scout did really, really good! Then we played at liberty in the round pen. He did really good! He wanted to graze a lot, so we did some mind games, and then rewards by letting him graze. After that I hopped on and we went for another walk around the orchard! It was really fun, and very nice to go for a trail ride! I can't remember the last time we did that!
We ended on a really good note, I let him graze for a few more minutes, and then Eddie and I went to go play!

We went out to the pasture first and played with some fun things. I had him circle around me, and I would catch the rope that I was standing on with my feet as he circled. By the time the rope was coiled up, he was circling really close around me, and was pretty intrigued! It was fun, and a challenge for me. :) We went for a walk after that and did some zone 5 driving transitions with one rein. He did great, and was super duper light!
After that we went into the outdoor and played at liberty! He did some great stick to me, pedestal play, and then I hopped on for a little bit. We just walked around a little bit, but it was still good! He was responsive and handed the decision making over to me. Yippee!!!
It was a really fun play time, and he was pretty playful. :)

Here's a video from Thursday's play time!

~Lea & Eddie~
Savvy on!

Job 39:19
Hast thou given the horse strength?
hast thou clothed his neck with thunder?

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