Friday, April 2

April Happenings!!

It's April already!! And so far, it has been VERY blustery and warm! It's been in the 80's all week, and a storm is rolling in just now. The second storm of the year!
Anyway, I've been playing with Eddie every day, despite the wind. He's done great!Yesterday we played online with a few little things, because it was so windy. It was up to 40 mph gusts. Very crazy!!
Then today we had an awesome session online in the pasture.
We did a lot of zone 5 driving, and playing at the end of the 45 foot line. First we did some circles in one corner of the pasture. He had a little trouble maintaining gait, but once I put some more effort into it, he did too. His change of directions are getting a lot better too, so that was really fun to play with!!
Then we did some point to point to different barrels in the pasture. For the fun of it, I tied another rein for Eddie and went to zone 5 driving. We did more point to point, then he offered this AWESOME trot from zone 5 and we just trotted everywhere! It was really, really cool!
We ended with straddling a log, and sidewaysing off of it. It was really fun, and he was having a blast! :) Yippee for pony play!!!

~Lea & Eddie~

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