Thursday, November 19

I'm.... Playin in the Rain!

For the past 3 days I haven't had a good, solid, 30 minute session with Eddie. But we did have small, 10 minute bowing practices! Anyway, today we played for an hour! Yippee!!! Towards the end it started raining, but he didn't care and I didn't either.
So we started online in the round pen. We did some circles first. He was not interested, not rythmic and not paying attention to me. So we did some circles, with a mess of barrels in the way. Responsiblity for the horse = look where you're going. So after about 6 laps each way and a few change of directions he was rhythmic, relaxed and connected with me. YAY! After I got his mind he was like, "What now mom?!" So we did some figure eights, but I didn't ask him to do them like I always do. I asked him to circle, then I had him do a change of direction and then another one. But the 4th one I could see him thinking and going, "We're doing a figure eight!" It was awesome!
Then he told me we were ready for liberty by doing circles with a TON of slack in the rope. So we did! I stood a little off center of the middle of the circle and I moved my ribs for him to sideways over the barrels. All I did was move my ribs.  And he moved right over and sidewaysed over them perfectly! We did some more circles, sideways towards, figure eight, squeeze game over the barrels and straddling them too! We also did some stick to me and extreme friendly game. I really challenged his mind today and I think that's why we had to much fun in the round pen. Because it's NOT ABOUT THE.... ROUND PEN!!!!!!!!! It's about the relationship. DUH moment!
Then I hopped on bareback and bridleless and we walked around for a little bit.
After that I hopped off and we went inside because it was raining. Brrr!!!
It was really fun! I LOVE MY EDDIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

~Lea & Eddie~


Lauren, Sonny, and Toby said...

Sounds like fun! Now I just need to find a way to get outside and play with our horses AND have my schoolwork done... Hmmmm...


Lea and Eddie said...

Yeah, that's always a challenge! Usually I just take my school work out with me. They held me study! =-)

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