Sunday, October 25

~Yesterday's Post~

Today is day 2 on our quality quest!

We played with the weave, circling and stick to me. He did so well!
By the end of the session all I had to do was change my focus on the circle and he would go off either at a walk or trot depending on my energy.
One thing we have really aced is motivating him. He's motivated by rest, so I have to convince him that doing what I ask is easier than doing what he wants. Like when he stops on the figure eight and just doesn't want to do them anymore, I back him up. The thing he hates to do. Then he does them beautifully!!! We even did a few at the canter with a lead change!
For the circling game we've been playing with him maintaing gait. It's going really well and today he did them while his head was low, and he maintained the trot for 6 laps and the canter for 3. We're playing with it!
With weave he did it at the trot and he was bending around them beautifully!! YIPPEE!
We're taking the next step and the results are... beautiful - like a dance.

~Lea & Eddie~


Randa said...

YAY!! Go LEA & EDDIE!!!!!!!!!
Pat & Linda Parelli, here comes your next Parelli Professional. lol. You guys are really flying--before long you will be a PP!! Go Lea!

Lea and Eddie said...

Thank you Randa!!!! I really hope that's what God's plan is, but even if it isn't, I know He has something better in store for me.

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