Thursday, October 1

Hurry Up and Wait! Quick! Before the Rain! AH! ~all four savvies~

Haha, I managed to squeeze a play session in before the rain. We did a little bit of every savvy! First we played online and did a lot of distand play. I sent him 45 feet away from me from zone 5 and had him sideways over a log like that. It was so neat, all I had to do was look at his HQ and he would continue his sideways! yay!!! Then we worked on some fast falling leafs. He did amazing rollbacks! I had him pass my shoulder, then I would hide his hiney fast and send in in front of me. As he would turn he lifted his front feet (sort of like a rear) then go in the other direction! It was so pretty! Then I sent him to the end of the 45 again and had him jump over the tube from 45 feet away. He did so good! All of a sudden he is so connected even at the end of the rope. Who needs a rope?
That leads to liberty! I undid the 45 and we first did some stick to me transitions. We did walk to trot, stop to trot, cantering, trotting, walking you name it! Then we ran around and jumped over the tube. Oh darn, I forgot to practice our spins. We'll have to do those next time! It was so sweet, he left a few times (and mind you, we were in the 2 acre pasture) and cantered off. But I hid his hiney and he came trotting right back to me! I remember Mr. Walley Gegenschatz said, "They will want to be with you, even out in an open field." and Eddie did! Of course we weren't out in the open, but we were pretty close!
Next was Freestyle! I tied my blue and red strings to Eddie's halter and hopped on. We did the figure eight, point to point and then that leads too...
Finesse! I collected my reins and asked him to go sideways just with the direction of my ribs. I asked myself, "What eyes should I use? All? Or Some?" The 'eyes' are shoulders, knees, eye balls, belly button, hand or hands, hips and toes. So I used (I think) all of them and
he was SO SO SO SO SO light! So that was our taste of collection. =-)

~Lea & Eddie~


Lauren, Sonny, and Red said...

WOO HOO! Sounds like an AWESOME day! Wish Sonny could do rollbacks easier... He has stifle problems so you have to warm him up for a LOOOOONG time before I can think about anything where he can cause his stifle to lock :(! YAY! You're freestyle is awesomely awesome now, is it not?


Lea and Eddie said...

Yeah, Eddie had a natural gift for rollbacks (sometimes not at the desired time) so I took his ability and made it productive! ;-)
It is! =-D I'm super thrilled!

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