Saturday, October 3

Fun, fun, fun with a trailer!! It's cold!!

Well in and out of rain showers I played with Eddie with the trailer. At first he was pretty spooked by it and was pretty weary, but 2 minutes after that he was eating out of it. I put some sweet feed on the floor. hehe!
But he did so good! Today we got the nose, neck and the mind in the trailer. And the next couple of days we're going to play with one foot at a time. However long it takes, (hopefully under 2 weeks).
So that was really good, I was super proud of him!

Then we went in the pasture and played with some spins and roll backs online. We went to liberty in the pasture and did some spins too and by that time it was raining a little. So we went back online and I had him back to the end of the 22 foot line. Then I took one giant step back and he cantered to me!!!
I'm going to get some videos together soon even if it's with the old camera.

~Lea & Eddie~

1 comment:

Lauren, Sonny, and Red said...

Cool! Rollbacks are so FUN! You are so AWESOME and so savvy! YAY! Do get the vids!


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