Wednesday, October 28

Amazing weave!

Good evening!!
Well I played with Eddie this afternoon and he did amazing! With just one week of the concept of quality rolling around in my head, the results are everything I could ever hope for. Especially our weave. We played with that first and I bent my ribs to the left, he went to the left. I bent my ribs to the right and he went to the right. It was amazing! Today was the first day that the weave is starting to feel like a dance. Now our circling game wasn't the best, but it was still good. I was really being particular about his focus, rhythm and relaxation. After about 10 minutes playing with it, he finally lowered his head, had an ear on me and had a rhythmic 1-2-3-4 trot pattern. So we're getting there. Circling is our hardest game, so I'm glad that we're practicing it so it get easier. =-)
But guess what?! I don't know if he understood me or what, but Eddie was standing next to me and I told him, "Can you go to the pedestal please?" He went from 1 foot away from me to 45 feet away from me and I was in zone 5. By the time he got to the pedestal I was holding the little taped nub on the 45 and I didn't move my feet at all. It was just my focus! AWESOME!!!
Then we also backed to the entire end of the 45 with just a phase 1 and 2.
Here are some pictures of what Eddie and I have been doing lately:

(2 days ago)

Then once my sister came home I got on and we rode around for a little bit! I just had 2 savvy strings, so I used those as reins and we did the weave. OMGoodness!!!! Everything we've been playing with on the ground has translated to riding!!! I moved my ribs, he moved his. I collected my reins and he brought his back up into me. We're playing with finesse!!!!! WOW!!!!! I've been playing with that on the ground, and yet again, it's translated into riding!!

~Lea & Eddie~


Lauren, Sonny, and Red said...

Woo Hoo Lea! You are soooo going to get that green string soon!


Lea and Eddie said...

Thank you Lauren!!! We're really getting there, maybe next spring!! =-D

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