Tuesday, September 22

Trims & Spins

Today was a lot of fun!
Mike came to trim the horses up at around 11:30 and it was raining a bit. But it let up after a little bit. ;-) Diesel did SO well!! Mike was able to do all his feet. If you're reading this Mike, thank you so much for taking the time with him. It's a huge hurdle he has almost overcome.
But while he did Scout, I played with Eddie. We did a lot of liberty! He did the figure eight at the trot, circling game at walk/trot/canter, sideways towards and away. But the coolest things that he did, oh my gosh, they were amazing! He trotted sideways towards for 5-7 steps!!!!!! We had done it a few times before but this time he really offered it!! I'm definitely going to send in my Level 3/4 Liberty audition this week. I'm SO excited!!! Then he did one more awesome thing, we're starting spins! I did it about 3 times online, then we went to liberty. He did them so effortlessly! I sent him around, hid his hiney and he faced me! Yay!! One more thing!!! ;-) He did the change of direction at the trot!! YAY!!!!!
So I'm going to film it sometime this week, I'll post it on here when I have it up. =-)

~Lea & Eddie~

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