Monday, September 28

I'm Back! And with News!!!

HI EVERYONE!!! I'M BACK!!! We got a new computer and it is so nice! Although I'm still getting used to the keyboard. ;) hehe! Well this past weekend was the Holistic Horse Fair. It was a lot of fun! I took pictures, but the camera was left out in the rain, so they are pretty messed up. I'll try to see if I can post them later.
But GUESS WHAT??? I put my name in a raffle for a free lesson with either, Kristi Smith, Farrah Green or Michelle Manshardt. Thank you God with all my heart, because I won it!

So, I'm probably going to do it with Farrah Green and I'm going to ask her if she can come down here. That would be amazing!! (
I'm so excited! God is so blessing my journey. =-) I couldn't be any happier!
We're going to call back today to get information. Thank you Fran for calling and giving me the news!

But I just wanted to add one more thing. Eddie and I are just now starting to touch some Level 5 Online things. I filled out the self assessment sheet this morning and was so surprised when only about 5-6 things weren't checked off in Level 4. That means that Friendly, driving, yoyo, sideways, and squeeze are all in Level 5 and the others, porcupine and circling are in Level 4. YAY!!!

My mom leaned over to me while we were watching four instructors playing at the Holistic Horse Fair at the Horse First Farm ( and she told me, "You and Eddie can do almost all that stuff," I watched. We could! She also said that I really can go very far. I guess it's just now sunken in that we can. Another thing that Kristi said is that when she first started her Instructor journey Neil Pye said, "You're going to have to want this more than air." And I believe that I do. =-)

~Lea & Eddie~

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Anonymous said...

Dude, that's so awesome! I've heard great things from Farrah. Hope you learn a lot in your lesson! (:

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