Thursday, September 24

Liberty with Eddie and my Natural Horsemanship Playlist

Yesterday I played with Eddie at liberty. We're really practicing for our Liberty Audition. Hopefully we can do it this week or next week. I just have to manage my time better, 10 minutes goes by so fast!!!
Here's a little something I made:
(it's coming...)
It's all my favorite natural horsemanship videos!

I'm hoping to play with Eddie online when mom gets back.
TTYL! Wish us luck! =-)


P.S. These are the songs I'm going to use for my liberty audition, Stop & Listen by Bethany Dillon and Ready for a Change by Katie Drake. For my online I'm going to use Letting Go by Katie Drake and Beautiful Ending by Barlow Girl. It's going to be so much fun!!


Randa said...

Good luck! I hope you get to do all your Level 3 Auditions soon! I'm sure you'll pass, you and Eddie make such a "SUPERB" team together! :-)

Lea and Eddie said...

Thank you Randa! I hope I can too, we're really getting close to passing all three. I'm so excited!!!

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