Sunday, December 28

Christmas & New Years

Well the new year is on it's way. But first, Christmas was amazing.
We stayed at home and opened presents on Christmas morning. I got the new Nancy Drew computer game, Narnia 1&2 sheet music, a book on how to make beautiful cupcakes, a lable maker, chocolate and the Celebrations tickets. Scout, our Carhart coats, Prince Caspian extended edition, and clinics were also Christmas presents that we got in October/November/December.
Scout has had an abscess, so he's been inside for a while. We called a new vet, Dr. Spaulding, to come out and take a look at Scout's foot since we couldn't get a hold of Dr. Rykoff. He is a very nice vet and is perfect in emergencies. I don't know how good he'll be for Eddie, since Eddie dislikes men and he is somewhat of a normal. But he's just a 'just in case' vet. Our first choice is still Dr. Rykoff.
Well today we took Scout and Eddie out to pasture. It was really wet yesterday and it froze last night so everything is icy. I took Eddie out in the pasture and we played at liberty for a half an hour or so. We would stop, back up, graze, and he trotted towards (and away) from me multiple times, so it was a lot of fun! Then we went back inside and in ten minutes or so we're going to go do it again.
Well with the coming of the new year, I'm getting really excited! The new auditions are coming out, the Celebration is in June, Eddie and I get to assess, and it just marks a whole new year. I wonder what we'll get done next year... I hope to get a red string and maybe get a few Level 2 certificates. All we have to work on, on the ground, is Liberty transitions and change of direction. He gets a little worried with those, but his 7 games are great! I still trying to figure out who to assess with. I was thinking about Carol Coppinger, or Helen Topp. I think I will go with Helen for my Level 1/2 but maybe Carol for Level 3 (in five years!). Anyway, it's not about the string. Me and Eddie's relationship has improved so much. I'm becoming a better partner for him and he is learning to come to me for leadership/love/language.
Savvy out and have a great New Year!

Lea & Eddie
Partners for Life

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