Thursday, October 16

YeeHaw! Cool weather and loving it!

This morning we rode in the pasture and outdoor. Since it was chilly we were all bundled up and ready for winter! His trot was really smooth, which was very nice to sit. Allison and I played tag with our ponies and 'following the leader' in a clover leaf pattern. Here's a pic from this morning:
I know, it's just Eddie's face, but I thought it was pretty!
Later this afternoon I took him in the round pen. It was nice to just have quiet time with him. No one watching, and no one talking. Just me and him. We just started with him coming to me. He got right brained (which he always does when we go in there) so I took the 22ft. line and we played online. I grabbed a barrel, did tons and tons of cantering, and change of direction. Oh yeah, Pat says that horses can only do six things... Up, down, left, right, backwards and forwards. Eddie did all of the above. I thought for sure he was going to jump to the moon and back! All four of his feet left the ground a few times. I did a lot of long phase ones because I couldn't tell which horsenality he was. For a bit he seemed left brained introvert,"I don't want to go!" Then
I would encourage him with a flick of my stick and he would explode, right brained introvert. Then he would carer around (pretty much galloping) so that was right brained extrovert. Then he would come in and be all left brained extrovert and want to nibble on my things. Wow! So it was a bit challenge for me. I think he was really hurt in a round pen before we got him. Because there is just no reason he should be that scared of it. The first ten sessions I did in there was the friendly game and undemanding time. So we're taking it slow there. I promised him I wouldn't hurt him in there and we are only going to play when we got into the circle of death. Oh right, I got sidetracked... the barrel... I would have him go around in a circle (which he did uber easily)then I would tell him to stop by it and put his nose on it. He really got that, so it only took a few times before he was licking and chewing. So we ended on a great note once he was left brained. He stood on the pedestal! He loves his pedestal, so I decided to end it there.

Savvy on!
Lea & Eddie

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