Tuesday, October 14

All four savvies! In one play session! AWESOME!

Today we had so much FUN! First we circled around barrels. Here I even made a diagram:

I had grain on each of the barrels and he would stop and eat it. I'm the little pink dot and Eddie is the brown blob. ;-) That really improved his go and then we cantered together, ran around, stick to me at all gaits, and it was just totally fun! (I sound like a blond) B-)
Ok, then we went in the outdoor and did lots of trotting and we finally cantered! We trotted through some cones, then backed up between them. Did a bit of finesse.

Next was freestyle. Haha...... I took the reins off and walked around a bit. Nothing big, just playing around. Then Eddie decided that he wanted to canter after Scout and bite him. LOL! It was so funny! I had to slid off and I just ran backwards with him and watched him canter into the paddock. LOL! It was so funny! Then I got back on and he did it again. Ok, it was funny, but not too great. Hehe! So then I played with him at liberty in the paddock to get all his bucks out. He did so great! The best liberty session I've had with him! I would run backwards and he came trotting towards me! Yes! Then he stuck to me like glue. He did excellent trot departures and and he didn't break gait once. He's getting so good at that!

So yeah, I'm happy!

Savvying savvy!

Lea & Eddie

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Miranda said...

Great! Sounds like u guys are having LOTZ of fun!!! I have some pics up on my site now!!!

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