Thursday, October 2

So light, I'm amazed!

We played in the round pen this morning, after I groomed him the corncrib. He was so good with his feet. I held them between my legs and he didn't pull once. I guess he would rather stand then do a phase four back up. So we did figure eight's around barrels and all I had to do was lean back for him to change directions and do a little bit of phase 2. I was blown away! Two days before I had put grain on the barrels, and that did the trick. He was so willing! Now this is a LBI, usually stubborn "What's in it for me?" today, he was a willing LBI, almost LBE "Play with me! What are we going to do today Lea?" I love it! Then we went to the outdoor and rode around. We trotted, sideways and played around. It's finally cold outside, so they had energy! I can't wait until we can start cantering! That will be fun! So we played again this afternoon, after lunch and we led by the mane and then we trotted around so more. The one thing I have to work on is my balance. I can sit the trot with the bareback pad, but not total bareback. But that probably comes with time and experience.
Ten qualities of a horseman:
Heart & desire
Attitude & Focus

Savvy out!
Lea & Eddie

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