Saturday, October 4

Ride Out...

Hey there! Well, from the Parelli E-news I saw a picture of people riding around with carrot sticks, having a ball at Pagosa Springs. I want to do that! I though to myself. So this afternoon I put the bareback pad on, (Eddie was very sleepy) got the hackamore, tied it in it's fancy loop and grabbed a carrot stick. We ended up having a great session! I really worked on quality. We wouldn't quit doing something until it felt right. We went in the pasture/outdoor/in front of the corn crib/dry lot/ and by the round pen. It was so much fun! Whenever he would get a bit bracey I would retreat then re-approach and all was well after a few times doing that.

So you get an idea of what our farm looks like, here's a pic. The pasture is to the right, the round pen is well round, the dry lot is the boarded fence and the outdoor is where the white blob (Scout) is. Oh yeah, then the stalls are just out of the picture on the left. They're connected.

And here's the picture from the E-news:
Doesn't that look like fun!?

Learning to shake hands with opportunity,

Lea & Eddie

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