Sunday, September 7

What a beautiful day!

The sun is shining! The breeze is refreshing! What a glorious day!
Eddie and I went for a walk around the pasture today! I took him by a big scary grape arbour and he did way better then I thought he would! He was calm and we really worked on finding thresholds and playing in them. My sister brought Scout along so Eddie would feel more confident. We walked around half of the pasture, then came back to his safe zone. We then jumped on bareback and walked around the pasture for quite a while. For a long time he wanted to go to one specific corner, but we did point to point with a shady spot, a chair, another corner and cavaleties which made him more focused. I'm probably going to play with him again later today because it is so nice!
Well gtg!
Lea & R Big Time Edition

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